Whore Dog Spray

What is Whore Dog Spray You Ask?

The ticks are terrible here on Martha’s Vineyard in the spring and early summer, so I went on line to see if there was a non-toxic treatment that I could use on my two poodles, Rudy and Pearl, along with their regular treatment.  I found some web sites that suggested rose geranium oil.  What I thought was this; flowers repel insects, everybody knows that, and my Whore perfume which I had been selling to humans for years contains the oils of three different flowers and one fruit.

So I tested it on my white poodle, Pearl, because I could see the ticks on her and not my black poodle, Rudy.  Low and behold, Pearl had no ticks and Rudy did.  I’m talking about the little brown wood ticks, not the Lyme ticks, because you can’t see them anyway. I promptly gave my friends with dogs bottles of Whore Dog Spray, and they all had the same results, a whole lot less ticks on their pooches!

Here’s the thing; NOTHING is a 100%. We know that, but Whore Dog Spray absolutely helps, and your dog smells fabulous to boot!  My poodles never get that doggie smell anymore, which they always did a week before they’d go to their groomer.

A major concern of mine was my dogs having an allergic reaction to the spray (dogs have a different PH than we humans), but my dogs and my friends' dogs had no problem, maybe because there isn’t any alcohol in it.

You can also use Whore Dog Spray on yourself and smell fabulous too!  A friend of mine uses hers not only on her dog, but on her linens and all over her house! Its great stuff and a fun thing to give to your dog friends.

Whore Dog Spray Prices
8 oz $10    16 oz $18
Shipping $4 for 8 oz    $5 for 16 oz  call for more than one bottle shipping prices.
Of course Whore Dog Spray can be bought at Lorraine’s Vineyard Haven store!
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